Sunday, February 20, 2011

Where E'er We Go

So much reflection - so much change

So much transformation

sometimes makes my head spin

Is this face I make really a grin

or is it the speed

of this train that I'm in?

All this awakening, transitioning

this changing, creating

a new me

a better one than I used to be


definately wiser

more compassionate

more caring

Seeing so much now

that before was lost

when on this plane I hopped

Soaring now I spread my wings

Can't be grounded any more

So much Love to spread!

So much Hope to share!

So much and in due time all comes

For I see I'm not the only one

riding this train of love

I embrace my new found family

as we soar beyond the skies

leaving trails of Light

sprinkling stars of Love

sowing seeds of Hope

Where E'er We Go

~*~ Regina Ann 2/17/2011

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