Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Am Not a Victim

I dislike the word vulnerability. It connotes weak and weak meant I would be blood for the feeding frenzy to begin. Nice, compassion, considerate, caring~all left me open to attack from those closest to me, those who bore me, those who should have loved me, who said they were dedicated to me. Open my heart for an instant to shine and in the flash of an eye the sharks did fly-straight to my heart with teeth razor sharp in a frenzy to be first to rip it apart. Learn quickly I did and learn it young-safe it was not safe to love, to be happy, to smile, to open heart, for these were those things they had ripped all apart.

My repayment for this, My sweet revenge! Find Pure Love from Love Source, Find Beauty Within! See The Truth that I Am! Shine Brightly~Love Purely~Share All of Me and then ~ Pray Strongly that they too can let that Love in~for I Am Not a Victim.

~*~ Regina Ann

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