Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunset Walk

birds sing from trees
winds whisper sweet melodies
though there are others
its just you and me
and the walk
and the stillness
and the sound of heart beat
the feel of touch
soft caress
the sense of breath
against skin
setting sun
this walk is done
the anticipation
of more walks to come

~*~ Regina Ann

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Today's Truism 2/26/2011

Today’s Truism

As one achieves and holds


Within oneself

These radiate from within

To without

As ripples on water

Affecting all

In this way

One may affect all

That change may occur

May one become many

That many may become all

~*~ SatNam

Truth Is Our Identity

Friday, February 25, 2011

Today's Truism 2/25/2011

As heart opens to receive
As mind travels free
As body releases this reality
Connection occurs
and We are One

~ Sat Nam

~*~ Regina Ann

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kirk Nugent - I Need You To Remember Part 3

Kirk Nugent - I Need You To Remember Part 2

Kirk Nugent - I Need You To Remember

The Winds They Come

The Winds They Come

The winds they come

stirring up old dust

stinging eyes

swirling mind

then soft comes rain

washing all things clean

making clear the eyes

flowing free the mind

Sun bursts forth

onto the scene

rainbow kisses thee

heaven and earth

a memory

of what will be

~*~ Regina Ann


Today's Truism

Today's Truism

As I do all things for Divine Love

Love for Divine Source
Love for Divine Self
Love for Divine Completion
Love for Divine Creation

I am Divinely Free


Ones focus should be on Divine Love
Then one would be Divinely Free
As created to be

May you be Divine Love

blessed to receive
~*~ Regina Ann

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Know You

I Know You

Oh my love
I know you well
the colour of your essence
the way your skin smells
the vibrational frequency
your heart resonates
yes my love
i know you
i know you well
for you visit me often
sometimes to check in
other times flying to my side
as my heart cries
days to inspire
nights to hold me tight
looking over my shoulder
protecting me in flight
for my love
i have known you
not long in this time
i have known you
my love
through all of all time

I Know You

~*~ Regina Ann

Seed of Gratitude

Seed of Gratitude

There you are
and always were
precious seed
of gratitude

covered for a time
by illusions
and yet
laying there always
in fertile soil of the heart

awaiting the hearts eyes
to wake up and see
the reality of all
to see Truth ~ to Believe

and now joy begins
as gratitude grows
spreading to all creation
like seeds of a dandelion
spreading like wildfire
cleansing the land
infecting each soul
with precious gratitude

~*~ Regina Ann

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When We Have Become

When all that is 
is for the Love of that space in which We are One
One breath
One light
One source

This is when We have Become

~*~ Regina Ann
received 2/19/2011

Winds of Change

These are not merely winds
but winds of time
winds of change
for change it is time
time for change
yes these are the times
for winds of change

~*~ Regina Ann

Love In Truth

In Truth
Love can never go away
fade away
cease to exist
In Truth
love cannot be there one moment
then not there the next
for if love can go away
it never was to begin
and what was there
within it's space
was something other than it
for love, in truth
has always been
before all else
did love exist
love was
love is
love always will be

fear has no place
where love resides
no truth within fear does hide
for fear is an illusion
a delusion
of the truth that 
Love Was
Love is Now
and Forever
Love Will Be
In Truth

~*~ Regina Ann

I Am Not a Victim

I dislike the word vulnerability. It connotes weak and weak meant I would be blood for the feeding frenzy to begin. Nice, compassion, considerate, caring~all left me open to attack from those closest to me, those who bore me, those who should have loved me, who said they were dedicated to me. Open my heart for an instant to shine and in the flash of an eye the sharks did fly-straight to my heart with teeth razor sharp in a frenzy to be first to rip it apart. Learn quickly I did and learn it young-safe it was not safe to love, to be happy, to smile, to open heart, for these were those things they had ripped all apart.

My repayment for this, My sweet revenge! Find Pure Love from Love Source, Find Beauty Within! See The Truth that I Am! Shine Brightly~Love Purely~Share All of Me and then ~ Pray Strongly that they too can let that Love in~for I Am Not a Victim.

~*~ Regina Ann

The Time is Now ~ Age Of Aquarius ~ 2012 By Twin Flames Erica and Dwaine

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Where E'er We Go

So much reflection - so much change

So much transformation

sometimes makes my head spin

Is this face I make really a grin

or is it the speed

of this train that I'm in?

All this awakening, transitioning

this changing, creating

a new me

a better one than I used to be


definately wiser

more compassionate

more caring

Seeing so much now

that before was lost

when on this plane I hopped

Soaring now I spread my wings

Can't be grounded any more

So much Love to spread!

So much Hope to share!

So much and in due time all comes

For I see I'm not the only one

riding this train of love

I embrace my new found family

as we soar beyond the skies

leaving trails of Light

sprinkling stars of Love

sowing seeds of Hope

Where E'er We Go

~*~ Regina Ann 2/17/2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Find The Key

Find The Key

Find the key
unlock the chains
you've placed around your heart
my love

See it Now
where it has been
waiting all along
deep inside that light that shines
from center of your being

Come into the light inside
find me here in you
retrieve the key
to your divinity

Take your key
take it from me
it is my blessing
set yourself free

Free to shine
shine my love
shine bright
for all to see

Not that they see
only flesh and breath
but me
through you
in you
as One
as was created to be

Shine bright my love
that all may be
inspired to seek
their own key
their own divinity

For all were created divinely
One to be
One with another
One with me

Find The Key

~*~ ©Regina Ann 02/17/2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You Are Blessed

You Are Blessed

My dear
sitting here
what you perceive
as lack

my heart aches
that you do not see
all you truly need
you already have

while you site here
drowning in your grief
I sit here with you
wishing you'd receive
hoping you will see
that not these earthly things
can fill the emptiness in you that be

so here I sit
as you mourn and grieve
prompting you awake and see
that for which you long
has always been
awaiting you to perceive

You Are Blessed

~*~ ©Regina Ann 2/15/2011

Sit Here

Sit Here

Sit here
just a moment
in the stillness
with me

can you hear it?
can you hear
your heart beat?

can you hear
as breath leaves
as you breath in again?

can you hear me?
here I am

in the stillness
in the quiet
between breaths
here in the silence
each heart beat

sit here
just a moment
won't you sit here
with me?
sit here for a moment
for I long
with you to be
in the stillness
in the quiet
just a moment

you and me

Sit here

~*~ Regina Ann 2/15/2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

For the Love of Love

For the Love of Love

For the Love of Love
I rise each day
For the Love of Love
I am

For Love creates
shapes all that is
Love has ever
and always

Love is the reason
all exists
Love just very

Guiding light
through darkest night
in coldest day
Creator of all
that we do see
Love just very

For the Love of Love
I rise each day
For the Love of Love
I am

~ For the Love of Love

~*~ ©Regina Ann   13/02/2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

In the Divine

In the Divine

It is in the divine
I find myself
It is in the divine
I Am revealed
It is in the divine
the mysteries of me
are clearly seen
for divine is who
I truly am

Now lest you think
ah, here she goes
all uppity and that
and fully grasp

All are created
divine inside
yes, you are divine
just as am I
we are One divinity
you and me

In the divine
is where we find ourselves
in the divine
I Am revealed

In the Divine

~*~ ©Regina Ann  2/10/2011

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Live on the Plaza Special

In the Stillness of This Moment

In the Stillness of This Moment

In the stillness of This Moment
as I sit
feeling no movement
no back
no forward
no side to side
I struggle
to just sit
sit and be still

Built for motion
designed for perpetual movement
no matter what
just do
just go

do what?
go where?
why must I
be continually
motion filled
movement bound?
why can’t I
just be still?

still to listen
still to receive
still to just

so I sit
in this moment of stillness
that too soon will end
I release this guilt
that tells me I’m wrong
for allowing this moment
to be all that I am
I embrace the divinity
that fully encompasses me
and I see
truly see
that it is in the stillness
of this very moment
that all else subsides
and I am One
One with all
and One with Thee

…in the stillness of this moment

~*~ ©Regina Ann   2/9/2011

Monday, February 7, 2011



remember your divinity
remember who you’re created to be
remember life beneath the tree
remember Light
remember Me

~*~ ©Regina Ann   2/4/2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Every Day is a Blessings

Every Day is a Blessing

every day is a blessing
every moment a miracle

sun shines bright in azure sky
at times
then storm clouds gather round
gale force winds do fly

still the Sun shines bright
though darkness block the light
from momentary sight

See it with your heart
trust it with your soul
love still shines within you
this you should know

and when you feel you can’t
even glimmer view
ask for eyes anew
see the clouds removed
Sun’s loving light awaits you

whether Sun shines clearly bright
or dark clouds devoid of light
grace your path here presently
the Sun shines thru it all
revealing Truth…

every day is a blessing
every moment a miracle

~*~©Regina Ann   1/25/2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Memories of Thee

Memories of Thee

sweet memories
dancing 'neath the trees
under sky of stars
on the balcony
lit up by the moons
our love was true
a bond together ~ thru all time

were i to see your face
feel your warm embrace
in this here and now
such joy would be
from my souls well deep
but alas i have my memories

just one small aspect of
the whole of me
but yet i hold to these
sweet memories

memories of thee...

~*~ ©Regina Ann 2/3/2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

and still i dream

and still i dream

this reality
is sucking me
away from where i want to be
living my divinity
without want or need

yes i would rather be
dreaming cosmic dreams
living heavenly
in my garden be
singing~dancing~fully free

but this reality
draws me back
and i see
countless other souls
dreaming their own dreams
living their own realities

...and still i dream

~*~ ©Regina Ann 1/26/2011