Thursday, February 17, 2011

Find The Key

Find The Key

Find the key
unlock the chains
you've placed around your heart
my love

See it Now
where it has been
waiting all along
deep inside that light that shines
from center of your being

Come into the light inside
find me here in you
retrieve the key
to your divinity

Take your key
take it from me
it is my blessing
set yourself free

Free to shine
shine my love
shine bright
for all to see

Not that they see
only flesh and breath
but me
through you
in you
as One
as was created to be

Shine bright my love
that all may be
inspired to seek
their own key
their own divinity

For all were created divinely
One to be
One with another
One with me

Find The Key

~*~ ©Regina Ann 02/17/2011

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