Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In the Stillness of This Moment

In the Stillness of This Moment

In the stillness of This Moment
as I sit
feeling no movement
no back
no forward
no side to side
I struggle
to just sit
sit and be still

Built for motion
designed for perpetual movement
no matter what
just do
just go

do what?
go where?
why must I
be continually
motion filled
movement bound?
why can’t I
just be still?

still to listen
still to receive
still to just

so I sit
in this moment of stillness
that too soon will end
I release this guilt
that tells me I’m wrong
for allowing this moment
to be all that I am
I embrace the divinity
that fully encompasses me
and I see
truly see
that it is in the stillness
of this very moment
that all else subsides
and I am One
One with all
and One with Thee

…in the stillness of this moment

~*~ ©Regina Ann   2/9/2011

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