Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Song of Love

The Song of Love

what kind of world can you imagine, see
where love is traded as commodity

love pure and holy
no recession see
love pure, divine
that loves for all time

imagine, can you see
a world of plenty
where all are love
and love is truly all we need

sounds like heaven
lay down all other needs
worries, sorrows, pain
all disappear in love’s pure light

what kind of earth
can you imagine, see
as we each exchange
this world’s commodities
for Love Divine
trade pure love instead
in love’s holy light refined
heaven to earth be what we bring
that all may sing
the song of Love


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Clearly See

Clearly See

We do not see the wind
as it blows the leaves
hanging in the trees

we do not see the wind
we see the winds effect
as we watch trees gently bend

the tree feels the wind
though it sees it not
leaves catch the wind
release from tree
and sail on gentle breeze

though we see not the wind
its effects we clearly see
its benefits we receive

so we see that
what we clearly see
can in fact
clearly be


We Shine

We Shine

A tree does not question
do i have the strength to be a tree
it simply stands
as a testament
to its design
as created to be

it does not question
shall i fall down
what will happen
shall i lay down

it stands
as a testament
to its creation
to its design

shall we see ourselves as created?
shall we see ourselves as designed?

why then quesion
am i strong enough
to fulfill this task of mine
for we each are equipped
yes fully made up
the embodiment of Divine
that we shall stand up
shine our souls light
yet forever
through all time

We Shine ~*~ 

We Love

We Love

we see all souls for their potential
that which they were created to be
we see all souls for their perfection
we see beyond what now they see

we see all souls as they can be
should they choose to
should they dare be

we encourage
to the light

we love each one
in their moment
the one in which they each be

we love
we guide
leave their choices
to their voices

we cannot, do not judge them
for we are pure love
yet our human hearts
within us ache
to see them struggle
in the wake
of the choices
they choose to make

not ours to judge their hearts
only pure love ours to impart
we lay our human pain aside
that our divinity may brightly shine

shine on one and all to see
to light the way to what can be
for it is our nature
as we were created
it is our nature
as we agreed

to see all souls as divine
to see all souls as they can be
to be the beacons that brightly shine
to light the way for All to clearly see


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Inspirational Quotes

Today is here and tomorrow is near
Never give up on hope and reality
when your future is not clear

~ Douglas McMillan

Don't sit and dream about the future...
open your eyes and Make the Future a Reality

~ Douglas McMillan

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


This I pray, this I plea
not one take for granted
this life so precious
treasure every moment
every second of time

Live as no tomorrow
dance, sing 
without inhibition
love as though no pain existed
open your whole heart
love with abandon
throw arms wide open
receive gifts infinite

Treasure each moment
each second
you cannot recapture
re-live it this time
no regrets as you pass on
no regrets for lost time

Receive all time as treasure
receive all time as gift
Live Full every moment
Love Love every second



Inspired by Matthew West's song "One Last Christmas"

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Glorious Blessings

Glorious blessings
when two Souls meet
intertwine, interweave
in Love’s Divine embrace

Joy beyond
mere physical attraction
joy of heart light
of Soul satisfaction

Bliss arises
from realms eternally deep
for Love Divine
exists for all time

Yes, glorious in truth
as Souls embrace Love Divine
glorious in truth,
resplendent to shine

shine luminescent
on a world dark and dreary
shine with Divine radiance
all colours sharing

radiance embracing
Love’s Holy design
together as One
we are All to shine

~*~ Namaste

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Our perception
shapes what we see
what we see
shapes our reality

Hard to believe?
Let me see
a rose
may be
perceived by me
a lovely shade of aubergine

and yet
that same rose
perceived by you
may be viewed
a richly deep maroon

Same rose
same hue resplendent
only difference
our perception

so now you see
our perception shapes
what we see
what we see shapes
our reality

what’s your perception?
what do you see?
what is your reality?

ready for change?
ready to see?
ready for a new reality?

change your perception
change what you see
change, re-shape
your reality


Monday, December 6, 2010

That Moment We Fail

The only moment
in which we fail
is that moment we fail
to see, to receive
the lessons
the gifts
the blessings
of that moment

In that moment
which we fail to receive
In that moment
we fail

May we
see each moment
as it was intended
for us
for Love


Friday, December 3, 2010

A Moment

setting sun
caresses horizon
casting shadows
on another day done
bidding rest
and reflection
of yet another moment
of Divine inspiration

Something Special

I am nothing special
I hear myself speak
and yet truth tells me
quite differently

For each of us dear
is Divine creation
each of us dear
a unique celebration

of the Love
the Spark
of Divine inspiration

So you see dear
I am something
quite special
and truth known
so are you

For Divine
is our essence
and Divine 
makes us special



I am Free
not waiting
for tomorrow

I am Free
to Be
as Intended

I am Free
no longer
chains bind

I am Free
I am Free
to Be
All I am to Be