Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We Love

We Love

we see all souls for their potential
that which they were created to be
we see all souls for their perfection
we see beyond what now they see

we see all souls as they can be
should they choose to
should they dare be

we encourage
to the light

we love each one
in their moment
the one in which they each be

we love
we guide
leave their choices
to their voices

we cannot, do not judge them
for we are pure love
yet our human hearts
within us ache
to see them struggle
in the wake
of the choices
they choose to make

not ours to judge their hearts
only pure love ours to impart
we lay our human pain aside
that our divinity may brightly shine

shine on one and all to see
to light the way to what can be
for it is our nature
as we were created
it is our nature
as we agreed

to see all souls as divine
to see all souls as they can be
to be the beacons that brightly shine
to light the way for All to clearly see


1 comment:

  1. Beautiful and a perfect example of true love. A Love that doesnt expect anything in return and looks through a persons faults to their true self.

    I always get divine guidance when I read your poetry. You will make an awesome book.