Monday, August 16, 2010


I was faced with the prospect today of briefly writing about my professional self and my goals. Notice it was to be brief. I have had a diverse professional career so brief is a challenge. Suddenly I noticed a pattern in all that I have done and here is what I came up with as a "brief" answer. Enjoy :)

I have endeavored to do many things over my life and they all include, in some part, helping others along my way.

My Passion is to find that thing, that key, that a person has been looking for that empowers them to achieve what they long to achieve.  My joy, my success, lies in the spark in the eye and smile on the face when a person discovers the key was within them all along and now they can open the door to the destination they've been longing for.

My Purpose is to serve as a Beacon of Light ~ shining for all to see.

My Goal is to leave this planet, at least my small corner of it, better off than I found it.

May you Love like you have no fear and Live like you have no tomorrow.

~*~ Blessings

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