Wednesday, August 4, 2010


In the past few weeks I have received numerous questions about energy healing/energy medicine so I thought "Why not post my thoughts here so I can share them with you."  What follows is my thoughts and beliefs and my approach to this gift called healing.

The Gift of Healing is just that, a Gift.  I view myself as a conduit or vessel for Divine healing to pass through me to the person I work with.  It is not me who performs the healing but our Divine Creator who works through and with me and the person receiving healing - we all work as one to set aside what stands in the way of health and wellness of the mind, body, spirit.  

I once heard a Native American Shaman describe healing as: viewing oneself as a "hollow bone" which the Divine Power of the Great Spirit fills and flows through to affect positive change in another.  We are each designed for wellness however, blockages occur in one or more of our bodies (mind-emotion, spiritual-soul, or physical-body) that may result in pain or suffering of some sort.  Divine Healing creates an environment in which blockages can be released allowing healing to occur.  True Divine Healing does not create dependency but empowers each person to learn to "listen" to their bodies and learn to trust their own guidance for healing.

My intention when I work with anyone  is to follow Divine guidance to assist and achieve healing and wellness as I empower future healing to restore the whole body.  As one Divinely guided I continuously study various techniques, both well known and obscure to sift out those aspects best suited to my particular gifting. Perhaps the best known at this time is Reiki Energy Healing.  Once obscure, Reiki is becoming more well known especially since it was shared by Dr. Oz on his show and in an ABC News interview earlier this year. (link to follow)  As Dr. Oz noted in his interview, titanium hearts were thought to be quackery not too long ago and yet they are now standard practice.

I am truly blessed to be gifted to work with others to create an environment where healing can occur. My prayer is that everyone would allow themselves to release the obstacles the stand in the way of health and wellness and open their hearts to receive the healing that their Creator desires for them that they may be whole and well.

In Love Light,

~*~ Namaste

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