Friday, July 23, 2010

Discernment and Judging

Amanda shared this with me today and I believe it is too good not to share it with everyone.  Thank you Amanda! Blessings ~*~

Until one is enlightened, how can one judge
whether the energy of another
(in its more subtle aspects)
is positive or negative?

Open to the heart, and the guidance flows. 
You are not a decider; you are an energetic truth. 
So be the truth you are. 
Give yourself fully to what is inside of you,
and respond to the world from that place. 
You will not need categories;
you will only need truth of connection with deep self. 
That is the way to discern. 
Give yourself your own trust. 
Trust yourself deeply.

As we judge others, we judge ourselves.
We are One.
To honestly love another, we must love ourselves.

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