Friday, September 16, 2011

Where Is Joy

Where Is Joy

where is Joy?
where has she gone?
my inner child
stands cyring ~ screaming
to find her once again

where has she gone
it’s been so long
since I have seen her
where could she be
it’s a mystery to me
how life got in the way

I hear a voice
to my inner child say
stop making so much noise
be still and look this way
see Joy in the love
of your family and friends
see Joy in the touch
of a lovers hand
see Joy in the birds
singing sweetly in the trees
see Joy in the sunrise
shining light on all your dreams
Joy never left you dear
you simply lost her in your fears
Joy is always all around you
push your fears aside
embrace Joy once again

as this truth does settle in
my inner child starts to grin
laughter erupts as Joy embraces
and we set off for brighter places
Joy, my inner child, and my self

~*~ Regina Ann

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