Friday, September 16, 2011



I was asked today
from where my inspiration came
what was it that caused me to write
about such things I hadn’t thought
it came so clearly in that moment
it was my escape from sore abuse

abuse I grew up in and married the same
writing allowed me to dream of pretty things
of place and lives where fear didn’t reside
of love that was true and not cruel
a place where love words were spoken
replacing those of inadequacy and unworthiness

with one question I realized
escape sprung forth from this pen of mine
and now I am free of that which inspired me
now my inspiration lies in speaking my truth
sharing emotions which spring from my heart
taking joy in the love when it touches another
praise and fortune are not what I seek
to know that I inspired and touched someone
made their life brighter this fills my needs

what inspires you? what brings you to life?
think on these things, figure out your why
then dare to dream it ~ believing you can
get out there and do it ~ go on 

~*~ Regina Ann

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