Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Am a Poet

I Am a Poet

I am a poet
I let the rhythm flow
I let the beating of my heart
tell the story of my soul
I capture life at its essence
paint its picture with words
caress the cortex of your brain
with the lines of each verse

yes I am a poet
just doing my best
to share this God given gift
cause I know that I must
follow the dream
that I dream
be the me
I am supposed to be
for I am a poet
I live ~ I breathe
every thought from the heart
ends up poetic prose
why I even speak in rhyme
without conscious thought of why
I am a poet

~*~ Regina Ann


  1. beautiful you . . . yes you are a Divine Poet complete with brilliant Color, Symphonic Music, Dance, Harmony and Melody . . . beautiful you . . .
    all love to you my Friend

  2. What a beautiful Site . . . very nice and pleasant to my soul . . .