Friday, June 18, 2010

Decree for Addictions

Decree for Addictions

From the Divine Love within my Being.
I call forth all soul expressions as far as their energies
Extend to stand before me as I stand before you, in love.
I offer this decree to accept or reject according to your free will choice.
I call forth all addictions on all levels of consciousness, to stand
Before me as I stand before you, in love.
I ask you to forgive and honor me, I forgive and honor you.
I embrace you in Love and thank you for the lessons we have shared.
I embrace all bonds between us in Unconditional Love and
Transmute you into the Divine expression of Creative Love and
Return you to your creator source as a positive, productive energy
To be used only in the Divine Expression of Creative Love.
And so it is.

-Rich Work, for the book "Veils of Illusion"

The World Puja Network - Prayer Temple

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