Monday, October 31, 2011

The Caterpillar

The Caterpillar

this morning as I sit
in the stillness of the moment
into my presence
comes the caterpillar

not remarkable to look upon
a simple and humble being
yet as I am aware
he speaks lesson that I hear
of walking in the way
one is created to be
not running ahead
not lagging behind
traveling the path
in just the right time
no fear of the moment
cocoon is to envelop
providing for transformation
no regrets for not being
any other than he be
content in his creation
complete in his design

and very simply
in his being
he, my heart reminds
to travel my path
living life on time
embracing transformation
content in my creation
complete in my design
a simple and humble being
just as
~ the caterpillar

~*~ Regina Ann


  1. Lovely!! You my friend are a beautiful butterfly. Janet xo

  2. Awareness is such a gift . . . thank you for this grounding moment . . .
    beautiful you Dear Resonance Ann
    all love