Thursday, March 3, 2011

Already Free

Already Free

My brother ~ My sister
Why do you pursue
with passion these momentary things
which you do
Buying into the lies
the deceit
the untruth
that these momentary flashing's
will somehow fulfill you
make you complete
it’s just not true

As you chase after
run for these momentary flings
you run further and further
from your divinity
widening the gap
‘tween what was and what be
straining harder to see
the creation you be
Holy, Divine, Fearlessly Designed
Why have you bought into all this crap
that is making you blind?

My brothers ~ My sisters
run back to The Light
Only Love is Truth
Only Love is Right
all other is a lie
Wake up Dear Ones
check your memory
I Am waiting there
Your Pure Light I see
I Am Waiting there
Come Be One with me
for in Truth
You Are

~ Already Free

~*~ Regina Ann

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