Sunday, September 2, 2012

I See

I See

i see you
sitting on the curb
traffic blowing by
shirt pulled over
your low hung head
wearing your distress
i see you
your divine spark
the one you’ve forgot
would you receive
could you see what I see
would you believe
we are one
you and me
we and the family
in the dumpster
in the sun
with little ones in their stroller
thinking they deserve no better
were i to show you
you are precious
would you be blessed
or just dismiss it
all of us are family
with the old man
walking down the street
wearing age before your time
using anything
to kill the pain inside
wearing your hatred
of yourself with pride
you are divine
just as I am
though you’ve forgotten
still I see
were I to shine
would you see light
or turn away and hide
these and more i see
and angels comfort leave
praying one day
they will see
all divine are we
one family
precious gifts
are what
I See

~*~ Regina Ann

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