Saturday, March 17, 2012

Judgment Throne

Judgment Throne

Yo! You in the chair
in your “group”
with your judgmental stair
making it clear
without saying a word
you judge me unworthy
your space to share
I hear from the mic
yours is a church group
and you wonder why
so many have left behind
the church and religion
its dogma and tradition
while you sit on your own
self made throne
judging others
to make yourself feel better
you’re sleeping with your secretary
while your wife drinks down
medication with her booze
hoping to drown
the pain and the stains
of a cheating husband
and friend sitting there
sharing in your judgment
is too addicted to his porn
to hold his relationship
and he’d never admit
he enjoys women and men
so sit there on your
judgment throne
‘cause I don’t accept it
I live in honesty
in truth and in love
something you forgot
long long ago
I choose to live love
to wear truth
and leave the judging
to someone else
for there’s far too many of you
willing to do it
I’m flawed and I know it
not afraid to show it
I love myself
‘cause my creator created me
from love, in love, for love
and though you sit
on your judgment throne
I want you to know
I’m sending you love
‘cause honey, you need it
you got none of your own
and the beauty of love
 is there’s always enough
so I send you this message
in hopes you can hear it
and allow yourself
real love to receive it
maybe then you can
come down off that throne
you’ve designed
and enjoy living a life
of honest, of truth
and love divine

~*~ Regina Ann

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