Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Becoming Me

I lay my broken heart
down upon the ground
It is heavy
I cannot bear it any longer

So long I prayed of respite
So long I prayed release

I did not know the pain
That births new life in me
As a child in birth
My heart cried out
Crying, writhing to be free

From pain comes awesome beauty
From pain comes great release

I leave behind the pain
I leave behind the sorrow

I carry on in Love
I carry on in Truth

I am lighter now
My body sighs relief

The pain subsiding
I greet this new image
The me that was waiting
On me to be

Lost in some version
Of what others wanted
I now shine forth me
As God created me to be

Growing daily in God
Growing daily in Me

Becoming Me

~*~ Namaste

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